Bc Best Connections By Heine Lace Shirt Shoulders With Dropped

Bc Best Connections By Heine Lace Shirt Shoulders With Dropped
B.C. Best Connections by heine | Spitzenshirt mit überschnittenen Schultern

  • design
  • stitched hem / edge
  • straight hem
  • back slot
  • overcut shoulder
  • bind the knot /
  • loose cut
  • plain
  • jersey

crew-neck neckline

  • tone-in-tone Sutures
  • lighter material
Artikel-Nr: 657272491


  • materialzusammensetzung
  • peak: 100% polyester

upper: 95% viscose 5% elastane

  • care instructions

Elasticity: elastic / stretch

  • size
  • Sleeveless Length: viertelarm
  • length: normal length
passform: loose passform
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Call for Expressions of Interest



ENISA seeks to establish a reserve list of subject matter experts, from whichcollaborators may be selected to assist the Agency in carrying out the work activities foreseen in the yearly Work Programme and particularly in the following fields:

A). Technical expertise in ICTs and emerging application areas

B). ICT Security Standardisation and certification

C). Technical expertise in Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) and CSIRTs Cooperation

D). Legal expertise in NIS

E). NIS aspects of cybercrime

Please download the "Technical Description" file to learn more details about the requirements of the Agency. ENISA welcomes applications from experts from many sectors, i.e. academia, research, industry, EU institutions, International Organisations etc.

Important: To be eligible to apply, you must be a citizen or permanent residentof an EU member state, or Switzerlandand be able to beremunerated to a bank account in one of these countries.


For any queries regarding the specific tender, please contact us .

If you are downloading Call related documents from our website, kindly send us an e-mail to declare your interest in order to be notified directly in case of clarifications. Please put the ‘tender reference code’ in the subject field of the email.

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Download our guides and manuals to assist in using our various e-Procurement platforms:

The ENISA Privacy Statement for the processing of personal data related to procurement procedures, is available for download via this .

ENISA is happy to respond to any request for more information or to receive complaints regarding one of its public procurement procedures.You may also contact the European Ombudsman.

European Ombudsman

The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) is a centre of expertise for cyber security in Europe.

ENISA is contributing to a high level of network and information security (NIS) within the European Union, by developing and promoting a culture of NIS in society to assist in the proper functioning of the internal market.

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User experience

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Usability is an important quality indicator for interactive IT products/systems.

Plus, keep these 5 crucial usability principles in mind all the time.

Plus, keep these 5 crucial usability principles in mind all the time.

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You can choose to proceed to the BDO site if you're already familiar with the process. Otherwise, follow the cash-in steps below. Step 1: Log-in to your BDO Retail Internet Banking (RIB) account at www.mybdo.com.ph . Step 2: Enroll Dragonpay. This is a one-time transaction. If you've already enrolled Dragonpay before, you don't need to enroll again.

a. To enroll Dragonpay, simply go to Enrollment Services > Other Person's Account > Enroll.

b. Enter the following information Account No.: 001678005430 Account Type: CURRENT ACCOUNT - PHP (PHP) Account Name: Dragonpay Corporation Nickname: Dragonpay Email: Arizona Brown Ankle Boot

c. Print the form and submit to the BDO branch where you maintain your account. BDO can take up to five working days to complete the registration. Step 3: Select the Transfer Money icon and enter the following information: Transfer From: Choose your account where payment deduction will be made Transfer To: 001678005430 (CA-PHP-Dragonpay) Remarks: Enter the 8-digit alphanumeric reference number generated on the GCASH site Transfer Schedule: Immediate Transfer

Step 4: Confirm the transaction.

Step 5: BDO will acknowledge your payment and show your ICBS number.

Step 6: Copy the ICBS No. because you will need to enter this on the GCASH site to confirm your transaction. BDO will also send you a confirmation email containing the details of your transaction. Step 7: Select the "ENTER ICBS NO." button on the GCASH site.

Step 8: Enter your ICBS No. to validate your transaction. You will then be redirected to Dragonpay's validation page.

Step 9: Wait for BDO to validate your transaction. You should be able to receive the GCASH shortly after.

Is there a limit on how much I can transfer via the Online Bank Transfer facility?

Yes. The minimum amount for transfer is P500, and the maximum is P40,000 per transaction and P100,000 per month.

Will my money be transferred to GCASH real-time?

Yes. Your money will be transferred to your GCASH wallet real-time for every successful transaction.

How much will I be charged for each transaction?

You will not be charged for this transaction. Remember, cash-in to self is FREE while cash-in to others has P20 service fee for any amount P1,000 and below and any amount in excess of P1,000.

Can I transfer my GCASH back to my Megalink/BDO/BPI bank account?

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